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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Options buying - Part time Trading, Day 39, Nov' 19 Series 05.11.2019; Strategy Testing;

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Hello Reader,

  Welcome to Option Buying: Strategy Testing, As usual disclaimer:- This is testing blog series, So strict advise not to trade only for observation.

If you are new reader pls visit STRATEGY INTRODUCTION vis. RULES OF TRADING

Day 39:

 After so many days, we got a fresh entry today and this is the first option buying for the November series. We could not get valid trades because of the market. Its swinging up & down all the day and all the week. Swinging is the main villian of options buying.

As per our strategy, We got NIITTECH today on CE side. NIITTECH OTM 5%, we got 1640 CE but the volume is zero. So we have only option left that to take 1600CE where we got decent volume. Just recollect the past month mistake. We burnt our hands with low volume options and we taken a pledge that we are not repeating it again.

all OPTIONS BUYING done, below given the status, stop losses and targets as per our strategy.

Let's wait for 06.11.2019 3:00 PM to see what's the gift our market kept for us. Bye Byeeeee...!

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