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Monday, 21 October 2019

Simple & Best Intraday strategy for Working Professionals.

Intraday trading is a nightmare for the working professionals. Even though they are very much interested, They will be unable to do Intrday because day trading involves in continuously looking after charts and price.

But we are introducing a low risk intraday strategy specifically for working professionals. Only 2 mins required daily at exactly 2 PM. this strategy is based on profit booking and mass follow.

Concept of the Strategy:

1. Firstly the stock need to raise minimum 2% in intraday
2. Then the price should get consolidated in a particular band up-to 2 P.M
3. When this happens, it signifies the competition between the bulls and bears is very high.
4. But what is after 2 P.M? After 2 P.M every trader want to book out  their trades for the day and at the same time BTST players enter into the market.
5. This is when mass follow starts. Seeing the price movement side either BUY or SELL side, all traders move in the same direction in an anticipation that the next day will also trade in same directions
6. We are going cash out this momentum but we are not carry-forward the trades, what we do is , we draw a line above and below the consolidation zones and we are going to place one BUY order above upper line and one SELL order below lower line at the same time. Note. both are STOP LOSS orders
7. Now if stock moves , upside then our buy call will get active and sell order will automatically become stop loss. And vice versa if stock moves down.
8. What about profits? PROFITS will be booked automatically by intraday square-off option by your broker, that means every broker will close our order at market price at 3:15 PM automatically.
9. This way, Our strategy gives flexibility for working professionals to execute intraday trading with minimum risk and unlimited profit potential.



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