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Friday, 18 October 2019

Options buying - Part time Trading, Day 34, Oct' 19 Series, 18.10.2019; Strategy Testing;

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Hello Reader,

  Welcome to Option Buying: Strategy Testing, As usual disclaimer:- This is testing blog series, So strict advise not to trade only for observation.

If you are new reader pls visit STRATEGY INTRODUCTION vis. RULES OF TRADING

Day 34:

 Day before yesterday was the worst day for the Intraday traders but today its the delightful day for the Intraday traders. This is how market will be. It makes happy neither one and every one. Every trader should always be ready to face short tides and hold on for long runs. That's how successful traders makes money from markets.

As of now, we are holding PIDILITIND CE & LICHSGFIN which are at good position and overall realised gains stood at Rs. +257.5/-. One more green day is enough for LICHSGFIN to hit our target probably tomorrow we hope but we don't expect.

As per our strategy, We got IGL today on CE side. IGL OTM 5%, we got 400CE. IV and volume matching our requirement.

all OPTIONS BUYING done, below given the status, stop losses and targets as per our strategy.

Let's wait for 21.10.2019 3:00 PM to see what's the gift our market kept for us. Bye Byeeeee...!

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