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Monday, 14 October 2019

Options buying - Part time Trading, Day 30, Oct' 19 Series, 14.10.2019; Strategy Testing;

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Hello Reader,

  Welcome to Option Buying: Strategy Testing, As usual disclaimer:- This is testing blog series, So strict advise not to trade only for observation.

If you are new reader pls visit STRATEGY INTRODUCTION vis. RULES OF TRADING

Day 30:

 Today is a mild bullish day we can say. Nifty maintained as greeny all the day which is happy for buyers which dose not mean sad for sellers because there are many RED stocks too and final 30 mins was been for reversal traders. Although, It mostly depends on individual stocks demand and supply.

We closed ITC on friday. I updated in crisp way as i was not accessing PC. Today our holding DABUR gets its Target, we booked full. We short booked EQUITAS PE also because although the stock made low by more than -7% from our buy price but we couldn't get satisfactory results. We came to Positive finally with Rs. +1818/-

As per our strategy, We got no trades today. We are holding PIDILITIND CE as of now which is almost C2C.

all OPTIONS BUYING done, below given the status, stop losses and targets as per our strategy.

Let's wait for 15.10.2019 3:00 PM to see what's the gift our market kept for us. Bye Byeeeee...!

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