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Friday, 6 September 2019

Options Buying : Day6 [UPDATED], Sep'19 Series, 05.09.2019; Strategy Testing

Hello Reader,

  Welcome to Option Buying: Strategy Testing, As usual disclaimer: This is testing blog series, So strict advise not to trade only for observation.

If you are new reader pls visit INTRODUCTION AND RULES OF TRADING

Day 6:

As per previous post, we are at gain of +9290 with no open positions.

As per our strategy, we got IBULHSGFIN in our screener but IV is very very high so we ignored. As per charts one more stock matching our criteria i.e., APOLLOTYRES.

Spot trading at 174 so we are opting for 165 PE i.e., 5% OTM PUT

all OPTIONS BUYING done, below given the status, stop losses and targets as per our strategy.

Let's wait for 06.09.2019 3:00PM show to see what's the gift our market kept for us. Bye Byeeeee...!

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