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Friday, 13 September 2019

Options Buying : Day10, Sep'19 Series, 12.09.2019; Strategy Testing, TATAMOTORS & RBLBANK PE.

Hello Reader,

  Welcome to Option Buying: Strategy Testing, As usual disclaimer: This is testing blog series, So strict advise not to trade only for observation.

If you are new reader pls visit INTRODUCTION AND RULES OF TRADING

Day 10:

Today is yet another flat day for us. Last minutes shown some profit booking in index NIFTY. Our trades are loosing value due to time decay. MARICO looking like it will hit SL but we won't work our trades by anticipation. We will wait for result as per our levels.

We are now at realised profits of Rs. 3,140+ for Sep'19 series. We are holding MARICO call & OIL & ONGC PE as of now.

As per our strategy, Today we got TATAMOTORS, JSWSTEEL, NATIONALUM, JUBLFOOD, RBLBANK. All are sell side so taking too many trades are risky. So we will go with TATAMOTORS and RBLBANK which are high matching to our strategy.

all OPTIONS BUYING done, below given the status, stop losses and targets as per our strategy.

Let's wait for 13.09.2019 3:00 PM show to see what's the gift our market kept for us. Bye Byeeeee...!

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