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Monday, 9 September 2019

Nifty Long-term / Medium-term and Short-term view...

Nifty Longterm / Medium-term and Short-term view from Techno-funda.Com:

Nifty is trading around 11k which was a dream level once ; Today i seen people saying NIFTY is positive as it closed above 11K. But key thing to remember is dream level always won't stay alive, 11K dream point is dead now as it closed many times above 11K.


# For medium term, we can say nifty is in bearish side because it broke short term trend line, closed below key resistance level of 61.8% fibonacci retracement and closed below the long term trend line on weekly charts.

# For long term, Nifty is still is in positive side and it will remain positive until it closes below 9900 in weekly charts which is now a super key resistance level or we can say dream level but for Bears. Because Nifty does not break its swing low upto now and more importantly it's making higher highs instead lower highs which makes it a perfect bullish trend

# VERY IMPORTANT Short term: Short term is on full bears control because it broke swing low, crossed final fibonacci resistance level and all trend lines. But again also bears can't celebrate as the stock is completely oscillating between 11100 and 10600. This type of sideways behavior causes losses for both bulls and bears alternatively. More importantly, this way of nifty behavior is not seen past 5 years so caution light is on.


1. If you're a beginner better stay away from markets for next six months atleast otherwise you'll end up in loosing all and cursing 🤬 the markets for nothing.
2. If you're moderate, better wait for 11300 on 👆 side and 10600 on 👇 side. Otherwise you'll end up in sandwich.
3. If you're investor, don't go for worst high stocks like yes bank better SIP in strong performing large caps. They are still standing strong because of their great fundamentals.
4. If you're expert, all this may sounds like s**t and you can do as your own but considering this post for 5 mins can help you.

Good luck all....!!

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