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Friday, 8 December 2017

Intraday Levels Calls tips for Today; 08 Dec 2017

Disclaimer !
All the levels for Learning Purpose only. Risk involved.Read "Our first post for more details"

My Intraday 08.12.2017 watch list:

All entries are on 5 min candle closing basis.

Yes Bank - Buy Above 312.5
                  Sell Below  309.5
Indusind Bank - Buy Above 1658
                         Sell Below  1648
Bharat Forge - Buy Above 708
                        Sell Below  700
PC Jeweller - Buy Above 409
                      Sell Below  403

Have a 2nd Ref before you trade

Note: Target 1 is Risk Reward Ratio (RRR) 1:0.75, Target 2 is RRR 1:1 and final target RRR 1:1.5
          For example if a call is Buy above 100 and sell below 98, then here risk is 2rs,If we bought, so our first target would be 100 + (2 * 0.75) = 101.5 and target 2 will be 102 and target 3 will be 100+(2*1.5)=103. Always book partial profits and revise SL to cost. Try to book full at Target 2, if you're risk averse.

Remember: if trading on these levels, Pls don't miss to read below post to limit your losses


Thanks :-)

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