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Friday, 28 July 2017

Simple ways to Learn Technical Analysis for Beginners

For all beginners who want to learn technical analysis from scratch

Before beginning, just remember for learning Technical analysis, the main thing to do is observing charts, particularly candlestick charts. They maybe confusing initially but later they will be very informative.

1. Read zerodha technical analysis part 1

2. Take some charts in day time frame and identify patterns

3. Read zerodha technical analysis part 2

4. Take some charts and try to apply some indicators

5. Download Trade Academy App from Google play store

6. See strategy one by one

7. And repeat step 2 after learning every strategy

8. Take a week time from moving from one strategy to other strategy

Every thing is available for learning basic to intermediate technical analysis, only thing is the interest and practicing.

All the best to learners, we're all learners at last 👍

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