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Friday, 30 June 2017

My Portfolio: Stock 8: Bought Aro Granite Ind on Fundamental basis

Hi, Bought our Stock 8, AROGRANITE, Aro Granite Industries @74.1 above VWAP on fundamental basis with SL of 5% below 200DMA on closing basis and with target of 105.

This I bought on Fundamental basis and entry  made on technical basis.

That's Y i am posting this on "Fundamentals" section

 About Company:

    Aro Granite, a 100% Export Oriented Unit based at Hosur in Tamil Nadu, promoted by Mr. Sunil K. Arora, for processing polished/ Flamed granite tiles & slabs. The company exports its products to North America, South America, Europe and Far East markets.

   Granite Tiles & Slabs The Tiling plant has 4 Nos. of Pedrini Block Cutters and 2 Nos. of Pedrini Polishing Machines with an installed Capacity of 1,80,000 Sq.Mtrs per annum. A New Tiling Plant with an additional installed Capacity of 3,60,000 Sq.Mtrs per annum has been comissioned. The Slabs Unit is equipped with 8 Nos. of Gaspari Super Jumbomatic 480 Series Gang saws (350 x 210 x 480) 2 Nos. of 20 Heads Pedrini Polishing line, 1 No. Grinding line of 12 Heads and 1 No. of Resin line (Epoxy line) along with other required machineries with the installed Capacity of 3,90,000 Sq.mtrs per annum.

For more details, follow the link: http://www.arotile.com/

So what exact fundamentals I seen? Here given below ...!

Before going to details, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Mahesh Kaushik sir for teaching a method of investing and also method of identifying the sound fundamental stocks.

Now lets see the details.

Stock Name:Aro Granite Industries
Year High / Low Ratio:1.81
Promoters Holding Pattern:*40.95*
Pledged Shares: %-
Divedends / Yeild:10 / 1.36%
Face Vaue:10
Book Value: > CMP111.95
Base Price: > CMP62.60
Net sale Per share: > CMP141.67
Fundemental Target Price:105.41
200 DMA:73.51
Profit / Loss:.-Ve
ROE Return on Equ ratio:3.69
Debt/ Equity ratio:0.95
Debt/ Equity ratio Var. %: Last 4 Years-6.22
P/B Ratio:0.66
Price/Earning, P/E ratio: D1519.40

So Year High low is below 2, Although promoters holding is less but no pledged shares, Book value and Net Sale per share in above CMP and base price although less than CMP but i think its in marginal range.

Good dividend paying company and if we see TTM financial data, company improved in profits. 

Crossed 200DMA and trading above 30 and 150 DMA but less than 50 DMA but as per the charts I am in pessimistic view that 50 DMA will also cross in coming sessions.

Importantly the Debt to Equity ratio is below 1 and also reduced compared to previous years, although ROE is low but P/E value is 20 and as per TTM data P/E value is below 10 which is very less than industrial P/E 26.5

Technical: Closed above 200 DMA and took support on short Trend Line

So on a final note AROGRANITE, Aro Granite Industries @74.1  with SL of 5% below 200DMA and with target of 105 that's more than 30%

Note: We may close positions with the fundamentals changed.

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