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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

My Portfolio: Stock 3: Bought Kesar Terminals & Infrastructure Ltd on Fundamental basis

Hi, Today bought KTIL: Kesar Terminals & Infrastructure Ltd, 16 shares @ 183,  for Investment purpose, So total value approx 3000 rupees or 3K

Will add more next month or as per chart.

This I bought on Fundamental basis and entry  made on technical basis.

That's Y i am posting this on "Fundamentals" section

 About Company:

Kesar Terminals and Infrastructure Limited is a bulk liquid storage and logistics company listed on the BSE and NSE. We have over 60 years experience in handling different type of petroleum, petro chemical, hazardous and non-hazardous liquids.

KTIL has 2 terminals. The tanks at Terminal No. I at Kandla are situated right in front of the Jetties ensuring a quick and smooth loading and off-loading of bulk liquids at a high pumping rate. Multiple Jetty Lines permit simultaneous discharge of cargo from more than one vessel at any time.

Over the years, we have established a reputation of trust in the region due to the dedication and efficiency of our people. 


Kesar Multimodal Logistics Limited is an SPV company created for setting up a ‘Composite Logistics Hub’ at Pawarkheda, Hoshangabad district, on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis with the MP State agricultural Marketing Board (Mandi Board), Government of Madhya Pradesh, on a Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Transfer (DBFOT) mode. 

A consortium is formed between

Kesar Terminal & Infrastructure Limited (www.kesarinfra.com) [The Lead Member]  &

Kesar Enterprises Limited (www.kesarindia.com) (both listed on the BSE & NSE)

So what exact fundamentals I seen? Here given below ...!

(Ratios are TTM)

 These are the Side by Side Comparison of the logistics sector companies which were primarily filtered on the basis of RoE, P/e, D/e


So by looking at these its visual that Kesar terminals is a Good bet among 5

Refer above fundamentals.

1. Net profit margin 2 Times to peers
2. RoE is at 24+
3. Debt to equity at 0.48 although not lowest among 5, but lowest in general
4. Trading below 3Yr moving avg.
5. Attractive and lowest P/e among 5 (rare to see such p/e in this sector)
6. PAT had been improved compare to last few quarter


1. Trading near 52 Wk Low
2. Director resigned last week
3. Market Cap low
4. No fund house Holdings
5. Cant see much growth in sales from last one year
6. Not a fully commercial logistic sector like Allcargo or VRL Logistics etc



In Day chartrs, It took Support from and bounced back after making 52Wk Low

Lets look day chart a little closer.

Bullish reversal pattern can be seen after taking support.

So its the best time for entry, moreover if the level break and make new 52 wk low, more qty can be added at further levels.

Conclusion:  Point to remember

1. The selection is on fundamental basis not on technical basis
2. Only technicals used to time the entry
3. Bought 30% qty only, will be added more on future scenarios
4. No SL as this is fundamental call and will be added more on dips
5. Positions will be closed only when there is change in company policy or fundamentals

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