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Thursday, 22 June 2017

My Portfolio: 1st Profit @ 33%, Kesar Terminals; KTIL;

Hello,  Happy to announce my 1st Profit of 33% in the Kesar Terminals. Pls find the below link for Buy call.

My Portfolio; Stock 3; Kesar Terminals

After seeing, you may got confused that saying long term and good fundamentals , why I sold so early. Before I clarify, pls read the below message.

Dear Customer ,there is a payout Shortage for NSE Stlmnt No. 2017115, KTIL-Qty 16

This is the message I received from Angel Broking, when I enquired about it, they told that someone shorted without having shares and I bought from that person and as he hasn't having shares, my positions also auto squared off and penalty will be charged on him and as I didn't sold my holding, penalty amount also will be credited to my account, but my buy price is 183, CMP is around 215 but my settlement price is 244 it's a high of that day which stayed hardly for 2 min.

So my point here is see the penalty charges, very hefty, so take care to square off your positions without fail if you're particularly on short side 👍🏻And also the delivery positions until settlement is done, other wise you will also liable to pay Penalty.

Anyway happy to announce our 1st profit @ 33%

Hope to add again KTIL if every scenario seems good.

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