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Friday, 23 June 2017

Intraday Levels / tips for Today, 23 June 2017

Disclaimer !
All the levels for Learning Purpose only. Risk involved.Read "Our first post for more details"

My 23.06.2017 watch list:

On buy side :

HDFC - Buy above 1661, T 1669, SL 1653

Jublfood - Buy above 916.5, T 921.5, SL 911.5

On sell side :

Magma Fin - Sell below 154.5, T 152.5 , SL 156.5

Hexaware - Sell below 249.9, T 247 , SL 253 

*Have a 2nd Ref before you trade*

*Note:* for beginners

Don't risk your capital more than Rs. 500 per trade. 
How to do that?
For example, if you're buying HDFC you will buy above 1661 and SL 1653, so max risk 8rs. So 500/8 = 62.5, trade only 60 qty, so that your max. risk is Rs. 500, 
Use this method until you get familiar with market and trade as you wish once you got confidence.

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