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Sunday, 11 June 2017

How Intraday Profits are Calculated in this Blog?


  We usually claim Intraday results as 2k, 3k or 4k profit, so confused? because usually the profit is claimed in %, let me explain pls.

Usually intraday results are easy to manipulate because say capital of 10,000 and using leverage of 20X so total capital of 2,00,000, if invested in one stock and gained 2000 i.e. 2k so total return is 1% but if we calculate on original capital of 10k its 20%, seems funny because usually 20% returns are expected in short to medium term say 3-6 months.

20% profit in intraday; Seems lucrative right? mainly for beginners and small investors

But we won't suggest to see things this way, so how we see?

Usually we give 5 to 6 calls a day with an accuracy of 60-80% (we don't claim 100% as there is no 100% in markets)

So we suggest to risk only 2K capital per trade, How can we do that?

If suppose our levels like Company Xyz - Buy above 505, Target T 510, Stop Loss SL 501, then 4 points you are risking of 2000k / 4 = 500 Shares need to buy so total loss is max 2k and profit 2k and more.

we credit +2K or a little more for a T hit stocks and debit -2k for SL hit stocks,

So if 2 Stock hit T and one stock hit Sl total profit is 2K and if 3 Hit T and one hit SL then profit = 4K

We use this method to be realistic and atlast this blog is for small investors / traders.

So We feel this realistic, what do you feel? Pls feel free to comment

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