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Thursday, 29 June 2017

3 Stocks that Bounce from Support and crossing RSI 30


Yesterday we seen some fresh green candles, i mean a bullish reversal signs in the most of the scrips.

Although we cant take it for granted but it is better to keep ready our watchlist, so that we can be ready, once we feel the bullish reversal.

Here are the 3 Stocks that Bounce from Support and crossing RSI 30 from below which is positive sign for Positional trading and moreover with High RRR: Risk to reward Ratio.

The risk is high if the trend continues but the good thing is the loss is low as the SL or Support will be near to our Buy Price.

Note: Always exit at predefined SL and don't hold on a sentiment of recovery or Reversal

Stock: 1 Advanced Enzymes:

Market is positive about the stock and the Stock bounce from the long run support and crossed the RSI 30.

Stock: 2 NMDC:

 The 2nd Stock is NMDC which is in super bearish and bounced from the support zone and Crossed RSI 30.

We have to wait for 2 - 3 sessions and present candles left some gap in support zone, so if trend reversal happens, one can see for the Upside in Short to Mid Term.

Stock: 3 BPCL:

Our last identification is BPCL. the specialty in BPCL is yesterday's close made the first green candle after near about 3 Weeks and importantly took bounce from support.

This can also be added in to watch list as and can buy above yesterdays close on closing bassis becaude the RSI crossover is still waiting.

Thank you, All the above scrips are for Technical analysis only and no fundamentals or sectorial data considered.

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